Travel SoccerOpportunities to play competitive travel soccer at all age levels from 9U-19U. Tryouts occur in late May/early June. Teams can always be looking for player so if interested, please contact our Director of Coaching, Tim Nolan, at bytor01@aol.com
See our Travel Soccer Page for more information. Registration information will be given by the travel player's coach but all registrations are to be completed here: Travel Registration

Pre-Travel Academy- Reserved for our program's first and second graders. Ten (10) week training academy with New York Red Bull Youth Academy coaches. This is available in the Fall and Spring. Players will take part in Pre-Development tournaments through LIJSL and may get other opportunities to play against other Clubs throughout program. This is for highly motivated players who want to continue to learn and develop. All current registrations should visit : Travel Registration

Intramural Soccer- A first rate community soccer program open to all members of the community. We have programs for players as young as PPK through 6th grade. PPK and PK train on Saturday mornings with SUSA Academy trainers. Our K-6th graders play a full 8-10 game schedule starting the weekend after Labor Day. Registration for the 2021 Fall season will start on 6/1/2021 and run through 8/10/2021. A wait list will be available after that date but there are no assurances your player(s) will be placed on a team and no requests will be honored after 8/10/2021. To register for the Intramural Soccer program please visit here: Wantagh Seaford PAL Registration.

1- When does PPK or PK have their clinic?                                    PPK is on Saturdays either at 9 or 9:30am and PK is on Saturdays either at 10 or 10:30am. Location in the past has been at Cedar Creek Park but may depend on permits given in the Fall.

2- When do the K-6th grade groups play their games?                    K-6th graders play all their games on Sundays. Sometimes, a         re-scheduled game may be played on another day, like a Saturday, but it is rare.

3- When do the K-6th graders practice?                                           
K-6th graders may practice on any day during the week and that determination will be made by the coach of the team and his/her availability. The amount of days and length of a practice session is up to the coach but most will practice at least once a week maybe for about an hour.

4- What times are the games for the K-6th graders on Sunday?      K-6th graders game times are determined by a game schedule. Times are randomly assigned and will depend on how many teams in each division. Game times may be any time between 9am and 2pm.

5- Where will the games be for the K-6th graders?                          
K-6th grade games will be played at fields that are unknown until permits have been issued which will be later in the summer. Games in the past have been played at Cedar Creek Park, Seamans Neck Park, Cuomo Field, Forest Lake School, Mandalay School, Seaford Manor School and Seaford Harbor School.

What are the divisions?
The divisions are K, 1st grade, 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th/6th grade.

7- Can there be changes to rosters after the registration deadline? Rosters will be determined immediately after initial registration ends on 8/10/21. Once rosters have been given to the coaches, there will be no changes to them. The only exception would be if a sibling was not placed with another sibling. Rosters have specific maximum limits and we will not add players to go over those limits. Rosters are final.  We are sorry about this but with such a large program and the number of requests we attempt to work out it is impossible to change rosters once they are finalized.

8- Can my child request to play with a friend?
Yes, just please make sure during registration you enter this information in the notes/comments section (1st page of registration). Make sure the friend also enters it in the notes/comments section. This one for one type of request is the only assured request that will be honored. All other requests or multiple requests are never assured to be honored. There are absolutely no coach requests that will be honored.

9- How are teams made up?
With our large program it is difficult making up teams and we can never please 100% of those that sign up. But, we try. Our teams are generally made up using school information. We attempt to place players of the same school together. Sometimes, requests and registration numbers of players from certain schools make it impossible. Additionally, in the combined grade groups, like 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th/6th grade, we also attempt to spread the players in each grade out and try to give an equal number of players to each team.

10- When will schedules be given out?                                    Schedules won't be established and given to the coaches until the last week in August/first week in September.

11- When does the clinic/games begin?                                           
The first clinic/games will be scheduled, at least right now, on the weekend of 9/11/21 and 9/12/21.

12- Can I volunteer to coach?
Yes, we are always looking for coaches and assistant coaches, especially in our newer established age group, Kindergarten. All you need to do is register yourself on the website, the same way you would register your child to play. You can also place it in the notes/comments section when registering your child. You set the day/time when to hold practices. There is no experience necessary and we give you all the resources/equipment you may need. Coaches and Assistant Coaches are needed in the K-6th grade levels. Our PPK and PK groups will be trained by professional trainers from SUSA Academy.

13- Can I volunteer to be an Age Group Coordinator?
Yes, you can. The Coordinator generally handles all communications between the coaches in the age group and coordinates any issues with the group and the Club. Additionally, the coordinator sets up the schedule and hands out the rosters to the coaches in the group. While there may be some busy work before the season, once the season starts the only main responsibility is to cancel games and reschedule based on weather problems. If interested, especially for the newly established Kindergarten Boys and Girls groups, please contact our Director of Coaching, Tim Nolan, at bytor01@aol.com.

Will there be team/individual pictures available?
Yes, we have a professional photographer come down and take team and individual posed pictures of your child. We will have two weekends where pictures will be taken for our K-6th graders. Those days would be September 26th and October 3rd. Teams will be assigned times to show up.

Spring Sunday Soccer Clinic- These are exclusive training sessions with SUSA Academy trainers for our PPK-6th grade players so those that want to continue to develop in the Spring can still take part in a soccer related event. Players taking part in this clinic receive a t-shirt. To register for the Spring Sunday Soccer Clinic program please visit here: Wantagh Seaford PAL Registration.
More information regarding Spring 2022's Program will be forthcoming

Dates of 2022 clinic are:

PPK- 9-9:45am 

PK- 10-10:45am
K- 11am-12pm 
1st grade- 12:15-1:15pm 
2nd grade and up- 1:30-2:30pm

Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association: http://www.enysoccer.com
Long Island Junior Soccer League: https://www.lijsoccer.com
US Youth Soccer: https://www.usyouthsoccer.org
New York Red Bulls: https://www.redbullsacademy.com/training/
SUSA Academy: https://www.susaacademy.com/programs/private-training
Long Island Athletic Supply: https://liathletic.com
Soccer.com (Travel Team Store): https://www.soccer.com/club/19721587