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In 1940, under the direction of Nassau County's first Police Commissioner Abraham Skidmore, the Nassau County Police Boys Club was formed. Since that time there have been several changes including changing the name of the organization in 1987 to the Nassau County Police Activity League (NCPAL). While the name may have changed, the mission of the organization remains the same today as it was back in 1940. Our mission is to prevent juvenile delinquency and aid in development of good citizenship through positive interaction of youths and police officers.


The NCPAL is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization that is operated by an executive board, a board of trustees, and with the tireless help of hundreds of volunteers. Presently there are twenty-nine (29) units, which cover over forty (40) different communities. The Nassau County Police Department provides officers to oversee these units and to interact with the youths of these communities. Activities that are offered include sports, crafts, educational, and other programs. These activities vary from unit to unit and are based on the local community is needs and interests


Nassau County PAL's Mission Statement:

To operate youth clubs and provide sports, crafts, educational and other programs of a team and individual nature for all boys and girls in Nassau County, N.Y. regardless of race, religion, income or disability.  The intent of the activities is to prevent juvenile delinquency, steer children clear from gang activity and to aid in the positive interaction of Police Officers and Youth.


Wantagh-Seaford PAL Unit

Executive Board Members

President - Bob Kennish

Treasurer - Carol Klein

Trustee - Kathy Cappuccio

Members - Ken Ziminski, Nancy Salvatore, Bill Roser

Unit P.O. Director

Edwin Philip


Bowling - Maria Gasparro Kotanidis

Basketball - Paul Augello

Karate - Dan Jackson

Lacrosse - Ken Ziminski

Soccer - George Hagan/Tim Nolan

Track - Kathy Cappuccio


Bowling-Maria Gasparro Kotanidis-

Basketball- Paul Augello-

Karate- Dan Jackson- 516-524-4324


      Wantagh Girls- Ron McKeefrey-

      Wantagh Boys- Fran Devlin-

      Seaford Girls- Doug Schiller-

      Seaford Boys- Bob Adorno-

Soccer- Tim Nolan-

Track- Kathy Cappuccio-

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